Engage your community in groundbreaking research and evidence generation

Activate your advocacy

Project Baseline's research initiatives are powered by a platform designed to help patient advocacy groups engage their community members in research to accelerate discovery. With the Baseline Platform, you can:

Remove barriers to participation

Put patients first with a digitally-enabled experience, from recruitment to return of results

Improve engagement

Curated content, ongoing research activities, and digital surveys extend the experience and help you gain insight into the community

Speed discovery

Enable researchers to generate unique insights with data analysis tools and services

What patients receive

As a sister company to Google, user-centered design is in our DNA. We want participating in research to feel easy, intuitive, and meaningful. As part of Project Baseline, participants can receive:

Return of results

Researchers share select results that may help patients learn about their own health and the progress of research in their area

Valuable resources

Access to news, updates, and community

Opportunities to contribute

Ways to make a difference, based on patient interests

More valuable research starts with engaged participants

Just a fraction of diseases can be cured with today's treatments. People from all walks of life may hold the key to advancing science — and by putting them at the center, we can design and execute research that meaningfully impacts their quality of life

Participants deserve to be partners in research


Americans who participate in research


Participants who drop out


Participants who wish to receive research results

The American Heart Association is focused on advocating for patients and women of all health statuses who wish to improve heart health for everyone. Through Baseline, we're able to recruit, understand, engage an active community of research participants who can serve as true partners in our mission.

Nancy Brown

CEO, American Heart Association

Nancy Brown