Inventing the future of data-driven healthcare

Project Baseline's research initiatives are powered by an end-to-end evidence generation platform. The Baseline Platform enables more research participation, novel data capabilities, and better study execution. With the Baseline Platform, you can:

Mobilize populations of patients to participate in research

Improve recruitment with a digitally-enabled experience that simplifies enrolling and participating in relevant studies

Collect novel data

Generate clinical-grade, real-world evidence and access advanced molecular assays

Engage patients outside the clinic

Enable patient monitoring and gather information that can inform care

Our latest success stories


Higher recruitment of diverse participants into cardiometabolic study


Study efficiency improvement by eliminating site-based screening


Weeks to study launch

By embracing tools and technology to take research into the modern age, we hope to maximize what we learn about human health from every clinical and research interaction.

Dr. Robert Harrington

Stanford Medicine

Dr. Robert Harrington