Baseline COVID-19 Testing Program

Using the core technology and infrastructure of the Baseline Platform, we built the Baseline COVID-19 Testing program to screen and test more than 1 million people nationwide

The Baseline COVID-19 Program offers

  • Test screener informed by national guidelines and the California Department of Public Health
  • Test scheduler
  • Integration with an existing provider ordering network and existing lab integration
  • Process for returning results

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The Baseline COVID-19 Research Project

After testing, participants have the opportunity to enroll in the Baseline COVID-19 Research Project. This 100,000+ member community is contributing to research for development of treatments, antibody testing, and vaccines for COVID-19. Members can apply to enroll in opportunities such as:

Baseline Antibody Research

Antibody research focused on immune response involves providing blood, nasal, and saliva samples over time

COVID-19 treatment and vaccine studies

We're supporting research for a number of studies focused on developing therapeutics and vaccines

Population health research

Our research community is helping us understand how health and wellbeing is changing over time in the pandemic

Baseline's HERO Study

The Baseline Platform is the technology foundation for the Healthcare Worker Exposure Response & Outcomes (HERO) Registry and clinical study from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)

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COVID-19 Research Project

Contribute to research for developing treatments, antibody testing, and vaccines.
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COVID-19 Immune Response Study

Help us understand how the human immune system responds to COVID-19.
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COVID-19 Testing

Help protect yourself and the people around you by getting tested through this program.
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